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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Need A Real Estate Agent For DHA 9 Prism Plot

In Pakistan no one investor is found which not want to invest in DHA Lahore. Todays, in Lahore property sale purchase is at the top in DHA phase 9 prism. From the beginning of this DHA phase, its makes place in every investor heart. We contact with 1000 DHA real estate agents and collect information about this DHA phase. Now there is still no one not indicated loss in this phase, which is proved this Phase is better from all DHA phases and also a superb project. Another Important point is all investors 100% agree there is no absolute loss after investment in this phase. Well this is my own point of view “whatever goes up must come down” .This can never forget; now DHA is a Brand name in Pakistan in which did not loss to any investor. From all above discussion, this is the right time in which we take more and more financial benefit from DHA phase 9 Prism. A large investor can earn up to two million profit from 1 kanal plot of DHA phase 9 prism in 6 months.
Need A Real estate Agent in DHA 9 Prism.
Only an experienced and honest real estate agent be able to provide right profit to investors. On the basis of their potential and experience and also constant contact with market he knows about the right price of the plot; if investor wants to buy prepared house or plot for House.
For example an overseas person is unknown about the right price of plot and if agent does not provide the right price to purchaser than he may bear huge loss. So it is important his client must constant contact with some real estate agents than he aware every time from the ups and downs of the market and generate good profit instead of loss takes. On the contrary, he also knows about the faithful and good agent.

We are offering Real estate services.

We start real estate agent services 3 years ago from estate life society and today we provide our services for also DHA phase 9 Prism. If you need Real Estate Services for your new home or plot; you want to sell your home than contact with 9 Prism Real Estate.

How We Work or Perform.

Every time our teams in constant contact with DHA Phase 9 prism Estate agents through telephone and sms media. If you want to sell your plot or home than this is our Claim we provide handsome offer in 24 Hours.
Likewise if an Investor or client wants to buy plot in any block of DHA 9 prism than we also provide a profitable plot in less time. A few things that unique the rest of us from other real estate agents. A investor invest their lawful earnings for aim of profit but some greedy and less container agents not take only commission but engage with other party and also take huge margin which is wrong in religiously and ethically. Due to this Function is not only their loss of investor but also lose their confidence for ever.

Our team provides their services only at fix commission.
Tauqeer Maqsood

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Introduction and Benefits of Investment in DHA Prism 9

The phase Prism 9, spreading over 40, 000 kanals, could be accessed from 8 different directions.
A city mall, having latest facilities, a modern university as well as a modern hospital would also be built in it.
Spacious parks of the phase seem to enhance its beauty, while mosques, churches, cafes, golf courses, water theme parks, business centres, a drive-in- cinema, polo clubs, race courses, convention centres, electronic parking system, emergency service and a police station are all such specialties of the phase that will directly or indirectly benefit millions of its residents as well as businessmen.
On the Inaugural Ceremony occasion, Chief Engineer Colonel ( r ) Shah Jahan, while giving details of Prism 9, said that there would be 25, 600 residential while 1, 900 commercial plots in it; the phase would spread over 16 acres; maximum length of roads in the phase would be 30 km, which would be 120 to 150 ft wide
Other roads in the Prism, consisting of 2 to 3 lanes, would be 60 to 80 ft wide, and these would be capable of bearing an increasing traffic load.
For public convenience, service lane would also be built along every road.
27 overhead water tanks, along with tube-wells, would be built in the Prism.
These would cater for the requirements of residents of this largest phase.
round the clock.
Keeping in view peoples’ needs, 6 sewerage stations would also be built.
6 grid stations would be built for the power supply.
The system would be underground While LED lights would also be installed
Wells would be built in all parks for the water sanitation, while the water would also be preserved for irrigation purposes.

The most important thing about Prism 9 is that a boundary wall would be built around it for security purposes.
Reasons of Popularity and main characteristics
Among all DHA phases, Prism IX takes the top rank for people browsing the portal for plots in Lahore. Because many believe that the development this phase will take a while, they fail to comprehend why investor interest as well as investment volume doesn’t drop here. Perhaps this is because no other phase in DHA is planned like Phase IX and delivering this phase on a priority basis will help the developer move forward with its plans for Phase X and Phase XI. DHA officials shared these plans with real estate agents registered with the authority in a meeting held about a month ago.
In this phase, the top five most searched blocks are Blocks C, A, R, J and F. Interestingly, all these blocks, except for J, are located close to DHA 9 Town. Moreover, except for C, none of these blocks have land areas or pockets that aren’t a part of this phase.
It should also be noted that the main arteries of Phase IX pass through these blocks on their way to the inner blocks. This, in other words, means that blocks that can exponentially benefit from the development of main roads are already hot among the potential investors and property buyers browsing
Development charges
Development charges will be applied to Prism IX plots from this month, and the first payment is due on February 29. These dues have to be paid in 12 quarterly instalments over a period of 3 years. For every delayed payment, there will be a surcharge of 10%.
If we do the math, the quarterly instalment of a 1-kanal residential plot is PKR 162,500 and that of a 10-marla residential plot is PKR 108,333 this month. Owners of 5-marla residential plots have to pay PKR 75,000 this month.
The quarterly development charges to be paid for 4- and 8-marla commercial plots are PKR 162,500 and PKR 312,500 respectively.
If we add development charges to the current rate of plots in Prism 9, the average sale price of 1-kanal residential plots goes up to PKR 10,450,000, while 10-marla and 5-marla plots end up costing PKR 6,050,000 and PKR 3,850,000.
Comparison with other phases
If we compare Prism IX’s property rates with those of DHA 9 Town, we see a considerable price difference. Please note that DHA 9 Town is not a proper DHA phase but a dedicated development meant primarily for the families of Pakistan Army shuhada. It doesn’t feature residential plots bigger than 10 marla. The comparison is pertinent because DHA 9 Town is the closest DHA project near this phase and it has also positively affected property rates in blocks that lie close to it.
The average rate of 10-marla residential plots in DHA 9 Town is PKR 10,500,000, while the average market price of 8-marla plots is PKR 6,750,000 and that of 5-marla plots is PKR 5,500,000. The development charges for these plots have been paid and are included in the cost.
In terms of development status, Prism 9 can also be compared with Phase VII but, location wise, Prism IX a lot more attractive. Moreover, Prism 9 is shaping up to be the most systematically planned and managed DHA phase in Lahore.
Making investment decisions
If you look at the map of Phase IX, blocks that fall closer to DHA 9 Town enjoy a certain edge. Construction of the main roads that lie close to these blocks is likely to begin soon and will benefit investors. Blocks that lie closer to DHA 9 Town will benefit more from this development, primarily because they have better access to other parts of DHA.
Maakson is looking to complete the assigned work in about a year and a half. Meanwhile, it is also expected that other contractors get a go-ahead from DHA to work on remaining lanes and streets. According to experts I have talked to, roadworks in Prism 9 will be pretty much in shape in another three years. Simply put, investors of Prism IX can expect over 50% profit in the medium term.
In the investor-rich market, smaller plots almost always offer better returns. DHA has recently seen genuine buyers more interested in plots smaller than 1 kanal. Consequently, the price appreciation recorded for 10-marla and 5-marla residential plots lately has been higher than that of larger plots. So investment in 10- and 5-marla residential plots in certain blocks can be very promising.
For this purpose, Block R is worth considering as it is primarily dedicated to smaller plots. Please note that small cuttings of 10-marla residential plots are also available in the rear ends of certain blocks. For those interested in 1-kanal or 2-kanal residential plots, Blocks A, C, F, P and Q are worth looking into.
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